Working on this current collection of stories (which take place from age 4 to 20), I've had to contemplate which things from my childhood I would and would not share. I've had to recount moments that brought about humor, sadness, and reflection on my actions towards others. In reality, all I can do is be honest.

The origin of wanting to write about my childhood started over ten years ago. I had shared several stories and notes based on things that had happened to me and always felt it made sense to collect them and turn them into a book. The fault ten years ago was that I took too much advice about doing so and never ended up writing them.

The advice was that I couldn't write these stories or publish them, as nobody would want to read them if they didn't know who I was. I asked what the alternative could be, and the person advising me said that I should instead focus on writing a novel first.

I never wrote the novel.

I tried but ended up completing other projects, and the idea of these stories slowly dwindled into the background of my life.

After several years passed, the idea of wanting to write them was re-sparked by simply sharing a story out loud. The person listening had so many questions that I found myself later that evening writing away, wanting to answer them.

Then I moved on to the next story and the next one, and the next, as well as several drafts of stories that will never see the light of day.

That is how I've ended up here, sharing this pre-order image of what, at the moment, is the contents page for the book.

A pre-order promotional image for A Good Night For Morning

I'm excited to share this work, but I'm also in no rush, as I'll take the time before the actual release to continue working on it.

I'll have the pre-order link available on this site earlier than the public release. If you're a member, you'll also be able to read a few stories before the release, along with some that won't be published.

I'm going to continue to document the process. If you've ever wanted to write about your life, the only advice I can offer is to do whatever it is that you feel.

A Good Night For Morning

In writing this book, I've found myself consistently drawn between the past and the present and the moments that link them together.