A Good Night For Morning. This is a collection of personal essays. The book will be released officially on 03.30.23, but excerpts and stories that were not published will be posted here for members only. The way to pre-order the book on this site is to go to the membership link, and join on the annual plan of $25. This will get you access to the site for a year, as well as a special pre-order edition of the book upon release on 03.30.23 (please make sure you use the email address you want to be contacted on for the pre-order). You can also do a $5 monthly membership, but will only recieve the book after 5 months of active membership.

I appreciate any and all support in the purchasing of this book. It has been a lot of hard work, and I want to send these essays out into the world in an edition that I truly love.

They'll be much more happening on the site as well, so you'll have access to all writing and visual work for the next year.

I've never been more excited to share creative work and doing this pre-order helps support the continuation of that.

Thanks for your time.

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