The Lackluster Writing

Thoughts on the writing "career", creativity, and life.

The Lackluster Writing
The blank page at times remains blank.

The most challenging thing about writing over the years is that I often think I'm writing more than I am. Now, I don't believe I'm writing on a prolific Stephen King type of level, but I do convince myself that because I spent a few hours on a Monday morning typing up some words - I'm putting in the work. At this point, however, I have to ask myself if I truly am. Is this the best of what I'm capable of becoming as a writer?

My thought process and passions for writing consume me daily at a far greater rate than the actual act of writing. I wake up thinking: "I have to write today!" without ever sitting down and doing so. These moments lead to the inevitable questions - How many books and words, how many days, minutes, or seconds am I behind? How do I find some way to create more often?

I love telling stories. I love writing. I feel it and have felt it deep inside my soul (if you will); for as long as I can remember. I am, at the very core of my being, a writer.

Passion has never been the problem.

On this day, I'm attempting to find a way to merge the two, passion and action. To limit my distractions and put the practice of writing first. One thing that has always seemed to limit my writing is the ability or outlet to share it - I've never been able to (for whatever reason); find that avenue for myself. That's where this site, and subscription for content, come into play. I'm launching this as a personal outlet for my writing work, my stories, books, and the rest. The "rest" is the film and visual work I also create.

I want to see my screenplays turned into films. I want to see the stage plays become actual productions. I want to actively be working in a writer's room. I know I'm capable of these things, so I'm putting the effort forward in a new way to make it happen. I still believe that it will.

It's not always easy to expose the things you dream of; after all, you also expose the consequence of how many times you might fail. How many things you've not been able to achieve in your pursuit of becoming something more.

This site (at the very least) is my independently created community for my creative work, where I'll have to actually sit down and write and not just think that I am.

I'm excited to share more with you all. You can subscribe to be sent updates and stories by email. The general posts and entries like this are always free.

I appreciate the time you spent reading.