Things Number One

Things Number One
The Last Of Us is the only series I'm currently watching.

Although this site may not see updates as often as I'd like, it still serves a purpose. It sits like a secret where I can share my thoughts. I have been (thankfully) writing consistently outside of here.

I like checking in for my 96 subscribers and sharing occasional notes or photos.

Today, I'll just share some things I've been into lately:

I'm enjoying The Last Of Us on HBO a lot. It's written, directed, and acted ectremely well. The development of the charachters has been exceptional the first 6 episodes, and it's also nice to see a series be so well carried by a very small number of actors (mostly 2 actors for the majority).

The score for the show is also excellent.

On the topic of music, what's been occupying a lot of my Spotify as I usually listen to one album on repeat while working on a project, is Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens.

Outside of a small sample of what I'm watching and listening to, the last thing I'll recommend is a book of essays by John Green called The Anthropocene Reviewed:

I'll have some stories and poems to share soon.

I hope this finds you all well, and we'll continue later on...